High-tech Enterprise Declaration

Six Advantages of High-tech Enterprises Identified

Tax breaks

The recognized high-tech enterprises can implement the preferential rate of 15% (the first 25% of the identification), the tax rate is reduced by 10%, and the tax is reduced by 40%.

Fiscal subsidies

After obtaining high and new technology, the local capital subsidy of more than 50,000 RMB (up to millions) can be obtained.

Enterprise listing priority

Attract policy and financial support, promote the industrial expansion of enterprises, and promote the listing and financing of enterprises.

Point-based household registration

High-tech enterprises as senior managers or core technical personnel to obtain points to settle the qualification.

Financing loans

Easier access to VC investments and loans from major banks.

Promotion of brand

Science and technology enterprises are the only "country" sign of corporate honor, the era of e-commerce is greatly conducive to promoting the sale of enterprises in different places, and is the best symbol of corporate strength.

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