Software Copyright

Advantages of Software Copyright Registration


Clarify the ownership of rights as an important basis for legal protection against piracy and plagiarism.

Technology financing & shares

Increase the value of intangible assets of enterprises or individuals, which can be used as capital increase, financing mortgage, technology shares, etc.

Reducing or remitting taxes

The prerequisite for the identification of high-tech enterprises can enjoy national and local preferential tax policies.

APP listing App market

When an APP goes online in the mainstream application market, most of them require the submission of copyright documents.


Software Copyright Registration Procedures

01. Fill in the application form (we provide customer confirmation)

02. Submit the application documents (Our company is responsible for the declaration service)

03. Copyright center acceptance: meet the requirements, be accepted; If it does not meet the requirements, a notice of correction shall be issued

04. Examination: Those that comply with the Regulations on the Protection of Computer Software and the Measures for the Registration of Copyright in Computer Software shall be registered

05. Obtain registration certificate

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