Appearance Design

Design patent is the object of patent right, which refers to the design for which patent right should be granted according to law. It is completely different from an invention or utility model, that is, the appearance design is not a technical solution. Article 2 of the Rules for the Implementation of the Patent Law of China stipulates: "The appearance design refers to a new design of the shape or pattern of a product or its combination or the combination of color and shape or pattern, which is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for industrial application." The emphasis here is on "appearance", that is, appearance. Such as handicrafts, packing boxes, packaging bags, packaging boxes are all appearance design.

A patent for design shall meet the following requirements: It refers to the design of shapes, patterns, colors, or their combination; It must be the design of the appearance of the product; It has to be aesthetic; It must be suitable for industrial application.

Design patent application stage: It is divided into application stage, examination stage and authorization stage, and the examination result is generally issued in about 6 months.

Peripheral design patent protection period: 10 years.

The main features of design patent are: less application cost; Authorization is fast, protection is timely; High authorization rate.

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